Video Recording and Productions
Infocus Entertainment has state of the art broadcast quality cameras capable of capturing your next event in high quality digital video. Single or multi camera coverage is available for both recording and image magnification to be broadcast to large screens for your next event.

Data Video Reseller
Datavideo is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer complete solutions for all aspects of live video production. Here is a list of just a few of the various categories Datavideo offers: PTZ cameras, converters, switchers, encoders, recorders, etc…

Presentation Display
Our wide assortment of screens and quality flat-screen LED monitors allows your visual presentation to have the impact it deserves. Laptops and DVD players to run your power point or video presentation

Online Video Streaming
Broadcast and share you special day live online with friends and family from anywhere in the world. We will come on site with our own equipment to perform the live broadcast for you. Our dedicated server is specifically tuned for video streaming. This means high-speed access with superb quality.

Studio Productions
We are a full-service production company, we are also a well-equipped rental house with a wide array of cameras, lighting, and grip equipment to serve any type of shoot. Whether you already have concept or you want to collaborate on the creative direction for your project, our experienced team can help prepare your concept for a successful production.

Watch The Video

We offer packages to suit just about every budget. But, if you do not see what you are looking for, we will be happy to work together with you to create a one of a kind package just for you no matter what your budget might be!